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Opposition MMD is not participating in elections because it wants to restrategize, mobilize, and strengthen itself before fielding in candidates, says its leader Felix Mutati.

Mr. Mutati said the MMD was undergoing a rebuilding process and that once it reached its height, it would start fielding candidates in future elections.

Speaking in Luangeni on Saturday during the tour of Eastern Province, Mr Mutati said MMD did not want to haphazardly participate in an election just to make up numbers.

“People are asking us why we are not participating in elections but we have told them that we are still restrategizing, mobilizing, and strengthening the party and once we are done with this process, we will participate in elections,

“You cannot rush to field in candidates when you are rebuilding. We are building our party and once we reach our desired level of mobilization, we will only ask God to supplement our efforts.

Mr. Mutati called for discipline among party members, saying it was only when mutual respect and discipline existed between members and leaders that the party would thrive as they were an ingredient needed to propel MMD to greater heights.

He was hopeful that the MMD would replicate its old self because of the resilience shown by its members in the face of adversity.

He appealed to those members aspiring to positions of leadership to wait until elections were called at which no one would bar them from contesting.

And speaking in Chipata Central’s Chiyewe area where he was given a goat, chickens and a number of farm produce by party members, Mr. Mutati thanked them for the warm reception accorded to him and promised that he would never disappoint his followers but would work tirelessly to ensure that the MMD regained its lost glory.

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