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GOVERNMENT should not hesitate to legalise marijuana for export as it may help cushion the economy, says Patriotic Front (PF) die hard member Maxwell Chongu.

Mr Chongu explained that marijuana was a multi-billion dollar business which if legalized with proper guidelines and restriction, could help the country in offsetting the huge debt in a short period.

He said with proper guidelines and restriction, the money coming from the sale of marijuana export could cushion the economy from the current turbulence.

“Most developed countries have legalised marijuana for specific reasons with designated areas for personal consumption, something that has made those countries net in millions of dollars,” he said.

He cited Canada as a good example that recently legalised marijuana and at some point had a debt twice that of the current Zambian debt, but within a short period of time was able to offset it.

He noted that currently Zambia was faced with a huge debt that could easily be erased if marijuana was legalised for export only.

Mr Chongu further said legalising marijuana would also boost the agriculture industry, thereby creating more Jobs and empowerment opportunities for women and youths.

He said if Zambia was to legalise marijuana the economy would become user friendly to an average Zambian as more money, more jobs would be in circulation.

“We ought to know also that legalizing marijuana will also make those people that have been dealing in it illegally, to start putting their money in the bank as marijuana becomes legal hence more money in circulation,” he said.

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