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THE police must ensure that Garry Nkombo is thoroughly investigated and prosecuted for presenting a forged document to Parliament because it is a serious crime,  Lusaka Province PF secretary Kennedy Kamba has said.

Mr Kamba said that Mr Nkombo presented a forged Zesco letter and should not be left scot-free because what he did was criminal.

And police have since instituted investigations in the forgery case involving Mr Nkombo after Zambia Republican Party (ZRP) officially reported Mr Nkombo to police for presenting a forged Zesco letter before Parliament.

Mr Kamba said lawmakers were aware of the consequences of being involved in such an illegality and therefore Mr Nkombo needed to face the wrath of the law. 

“It is a criminal offence and he is a Member of Parliament for that matter. 

Police should be given support to ensure there are no sacred cows in the fight against such illegalities.

“It is very clear that Mr. Garry Nkombo either forged that letter or someone did it for him.

His mistake was presenting a forged document before Parliament and witnesses are there.

 “As a party we are very happy that the police are investigating the matter and we hope that they do a professional job.

We need Mr. Nkombo to be prosecuted,” Mr Kamba said.

Mr Kamba said it was only proper that police extended the investigation to the UPND leadership because it was evident that Mr Nkombo worked with other party officials to forge the letter.

He said Mr Nkombo could not do it on his own was but used by party officials to embarrass the government for alleged corruption.

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