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PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu should be supported in his proposal for a mechanism to allow electorates impeach their under-performing members of Parliament before the end of their term, says National Congress Party leader Peter Chanda.

Mr Chanda says if the electorate had power, it would enable them  re-call underperforming MPs so that they could be replaced without even calling for by-elections.

He said  underperforming parliamentarians were a drawback to the country’s development.

Mr Chanda said the MPs should be accountable for their failure to fulfill  campaign promises to electorates, adding the proposal by the President for a mechanism that gives them (electorates) powers to reprimand or recall their MPs was a welcome move.

“We know these MPs make promises to people to vote for them, and if they do not fulfill that promise, the electorates have a right to recall them and this should be   looked at in the ongoing constitutional bill as a priority,” he said.

While in Chinsali, President Lungu proposed that there must be a mechanism that would allow electorates to recall their underperforming before the end of their term.

Mr Chanda said this would ensure parliamentarians were dedicated to their responsibility they were voted for, adding MPs should understand that they were not elected by their parties alone but also other Zambians.

He said people were eager to see development in their respective constituencies.

Mr Chanda added that there should be an electoral system to ensure electorates petition undeforming MPs through their parties so that they could be replaced for smooth development.

“We cannot have situations whereby some MPs just go to parliament and sit without contributing anything, when their people have challenges that deserve  redress,” he said.

Some corporate world are eager to support development in her constituency because they have seen her effort. Kanyama will never be the same,” said Mr Chanda. Mr Chanda said the absence of the MPs in their constituencies was an indication that they do not understand their role and therefore should not be given another mandate.

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