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A VOTE of no confidence has been passed on Mpika Central Member of Parliament Sylvia Chalikosa by the electorate in the area.

Speaking on behalf of other residents, Youth activist Martin Kangwa said Ms Chalikosa had failed to perform to the expectation of electorates in the constituency.

‘‘Residents of Mpika want to see our town get a fair share of development and to be honest Ms Chalikosa has failed the people of Mpika in all areas of development.

“Therefore, we the people of Mpika central constituency sent Ms  Chalikosa to Parliament and we are now giving her a vote of no confidence because she has failed to represent us’’ Mr Kangwa said.

Mr Kangwa said Ms Chalikosa had failed to lobby for proper roads in her constituency and that people of Mpika Central were still struggling to access adequate clean and safe drinking water.

He said Mpika residents only accessed piped water a maximum of two to three days in a week, as a result making their life difficult.

‘‘When she came into office, she found some roads already done and all she needed to do was to pick it up from there and complete the remaining works and right now most roads in Mpika have become impassable, ’’ he said.

Mr Kangwa appealed to President Edgar Lungu to revoke Ms Chalikosa’s appointment as minister so that she could concentrate on representing the people of Mpika central.

And we need to send a strong signal to the party that next time we shall de-campaign anyone they will impose on us as long as he or she was a non-resident of Mpika Central,’’ Mr Kangwa said.

Mr Kangwa said candidates coming from other places to contest in Mpika Central had completely failed to deliver to the expectation of the people.

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