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IT is unfair for anyone to politicise the hunger situation and try to gain mileage out of something caused by natural calamities, Mufulira Mayor Gift Mushinge has said.

Mr Mushinge said hunger and the load-shedding had been caused by the poor rain pattern which was a natural calamity, hence not one should not gain political mileage out of such unfortunate situations.

In an interview in Mufulira yesterday, Mr Mushinge said Zambians should ignore politicians who wanted to gain mileage out of people’s sufferings due to natural calamities.

He however said Government had brought the situation under control through effective distribution of relief food.

“Caring and responsible leaders will not make political mileage out of the suffering of the people, but will put politics aside and work with the Government,” he said.

He said, instead of wasting time in political parties with no clear agenda, opposition members should join the PF and be part of the development agenda through road rehabilitation works taking place in various areas including where people voted for the opposition.

The Mayor said the PF will not waste time on worthless tantrums from politicians who were driven by hatred.

He appealed to Zambians to focus on positive developments such as the improved road infrastructure.

“With a good road infrastructure it is easy to open up new areas and sectors like agriculture can easily be developed. So no doubt about it, as PF, we are on course,” he said. -Light; mso

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