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GOVERNMENT has praised Senior Chief Mukumbi of the Kaonde-speaking people in Kalumbila district for promoting education in his chiefdom.

North-Western Province Education Officer, Nyambe Mebelo, said she was pleased with the senior chief’s commitment to promoting education in his chiefdom.

She said more importantly, the traditional ruler had even set up an education day, to showcase the importance of education to many of his subjects and to people in the region as a whole.

Dr Mebelo was speaking at this year’s Mukumbi Education Fair Day held at the palace in Kalumbila.

“The importance that his royal highness attaches to education is demonstrated by his setting aside of this day to showcase what schools are doing in his chiefdom and recognise the input of various stakeholders towards this,” she said.

She said the visionary foresight could not be over emphasized because it was through such creation that youths could acquire skills to sustain themselves and their communities.

Dr Mebelpo said the day should serve as a continuous reminder of the value of education as key for survival and sustenance in all spheres of life.

And Senior Chief Mukumbi said time has come for his subjects and Zambians to engage in life skills that would better their livelihoods.

“Let our education help us to alleviate poverty. Poverty is not normal and is the root cause of all problems. Let us now do the entrepreneurship for communities, households and the nation,” he said.

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