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I WILL soon expose the cartel of ministers working against the Presidency, I have all the names to submit to the Head of State, Patriotic Front deputy secretary-general, Mumbi Phiri, has charged.

Ms Phiri told the Daily Nation in an interview yesterday, she would expose the anti-Lungu cartel of ministers at an appropriate stage.

She vowed to ensure that she would ensure that President Edgar Lungu was informed about the names of all treacherous ministers so that they are death with.

Ms Phiri said “I have all the names of Ministers planning to fight President Lungu.”

She said that she would not let the ministers go scot free because it was immoral for them to fight the Head of State.

Ms Phiri said she had information on the “dark corner” meetings being held by the said Ministers to plot against the Head of State.

She lamented that some ministers could have the audacity to scheme against the Head of State.

“I started this issue and I will surely expose the ministers who are planning to fight President Lungu. I have full information about the meetings they have been having planning on how they can fight the Head of State,” she said.

No one will push me over the matter and I will not keep quiet on this matter. The way I started it that is the way I will finish it. I will definitely expose them so that President Lungu knows people who are working against him,” Ms Phiri said.

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