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OVER 50 percent of the work has been done in the excavation of the drainage system in Mushili Township in Ndola.

Mushili Township was the worst hit with floods in the rainy season because of lack of a proper drainage system.

In an interview yesterday, Mushili ward councillor Emelia Mumba said half of the work had been done in areas which had been affected by floods.

She said the drainages were being done by Ndola City Council at a cost of about K33,750 and that resident shad been engaged in the project.

Ms Mumba said that residents were currently working on the Kawayawaya road to avoid future floods like the one that had occurred early this year.

“Over 50 percent of work has been done in the excavation of the drainages in the area and as we speak some residents have taken it upon themselves to work on the Kawayawaya road to avoid floods,” she said.

Ms Mumba however pointed out that workers were finding it difficult to operate because some broken sewer pipes were connected to the drainages as the effluent was overwhelming. She stated that she had reported the matter to Kafubu Water and Sewerage Company and that employees were currently working on the situation.

Meanwhile, Ms Chilekwa Mwansa a residents of Mushili said she was thrilled that drainages in the community were being worked on to avoid floods.

Ms Mwansa said the area had over the past years experienced flooding due to the poor drainage system.

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