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BROTHELS and shebeens are sprouting in Kitwe as authorities struggle to clamp down on the illegal business.

Residents are up-in-arms over the moral decay, resulting from mushrooming brothels and shebeens in residential areas.

Kitwe Deputy Mayor Evaristo Chilufya has since appealed for support and cooperation from the residents to clampdown on the mushrooming brothels and shebeens in the city. Mr Chilufya said there was need for concerted efforts in clamping down on illegal activities because they were promoting illicit sex and excessive beer drinking, especially among the youths.

Mr Chilufya, who is also Luangwa ward councillor, said in an interview in Kitwe yesterday that residents should not only blame the council, but get actively involved in stopping the vices in the townships.

“We need the support and cooperation of the residents in order to deal with illicit activities in the townships. Issues of mushrooming brothels and shebeens cannot be dealt with single-handedly by the council. We need the help of residents,” Mr Chilufya said

But some Kitwe residents said the local authority was aware about the mushrooming shebeens and brothels in the city centre and townships, but was failing to close them down.

Mr Lack Mwandu, a resident, said the residents were ready to identify the brothels, but accused the local authority of being toothless.

He said the local authority was aware about the notorious brothels in the city centre, Bulangililo, Miseshi, Chamboli and other townships through the help of the residents.

“For Shebeens, Chimwemwe Township has some notorious shebeens, but the council has failed to clamp on them because they are owned by council employees. “There is nothing the Mayor can tell us because the council is toothless due to compromised officers who want to eat from any illegal activity. If they see a person engaging in illegal activities because for them, they will eat from that person by soliciting for bribes,” Mr Mwandu said.

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