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FINANCE Minister Margaret Mwanakatwe is on the right path in steering the growth of the economy and it is unjustifiable those calling for her resignation, says former Finance Minister Katele Kalumba.

Dr Kalumba said the economy was stable and that sentiments expressed by Patriots for Economic Progress (PeP) president Sean Tembo were uncalled for.

In an interview yesterday, Dr. Kalumba said the achievements scored by Ms Mwanakatwe such as the stable Kwacha and the growth of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) could not be described as failure or warrant her to resign.

The former minister applauded Ms Mwanakatwe for her bold decision on austerity measures and that the fruits of her decision would soon be seen.  He said Ms Mwanakatwe should be supported for her efforts in steering the economy to higher heights by all well-meaning citizens.

Dr Kalumba said negative sentiments expressed by Mr. Tembo whom he described as his young brother had could negatively affect the Kwacha.

He advised the opposition leader to desist from making political statements on the economy.

“The economic success scored by the minister such as the stable Kwacha, a single digit inflation rate and austerity measures announced by her cannot be described as failure or call for her resignation,” Dr Kalumba said.

Dr Kalumba said Ms Mwanakatwe hasd not served long in her current position and she should be allowed to do her work.

Mr Tembo was quoted in the media recently calling for the resignation of Ms Mwanakatwe, saying her performance was littered with failure.

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