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THE National Development Congress Party (NDCP) will be more focused on selling its ideologies of the party than attacking individuals, secretary general Mwenya Musenge has said.

Mr Musenge explained that the NDCP was waiting for a response from the Registrar of Societies after submitting all the relevant documents for registration.

In an interview in Kitwe yesterday, Mr Musenge said NDCP would bring civility on the Zambian political scene by focusing on issues of good governance, democracy, food security, poverty alleviation and empowering of local people in various ways.

He pointed out that the difference between the NDCP and other political parties, especially the defunct National Democratic Congress (NDC) was that it would be issue-based rather than being antagonistic and populist.  Once registered, he said, NDCP would never engage in character assassination, mudslinging or commenting on matters at every turn.

“The difference between the NDCP and other political parties or former NDC is that our party will be a more focused party which will not engage in witch-hunting, but will focus on selling its ideologies.

“It is our desire as NDCP to see that there is civility and respect for each other in politics. We will engage in clean politics,’’ Mr Musenge said. And Mr Musenge explained that after the party is registered, its ideologies and party symbol would be officially unveiled.

“Last week, we submitted all the relevant documents and the party symbol to the Registrar of Societies. We are now waiting for a response. We are hoping that everything will go well.

“After the party is registered by the Registrar of Societies, then it would be officially launched and its ideologies and party symbol would be officially unveiled. After we are registered, then we will hit the ground as NDCP,’’ he said.

Last month, NDCP re-submitted a new symbol to the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) after the earlier one, a symbol of a bird, was rejected because it was in conflict with another political party.

Meanwhile, Mr Musenge urged Zambians who were frustrated and tired because of the challenges the country was going through not to give up.

‘’Come so that together we build a platform that is fair, and respects the rule of law. A platform that will respect people and nurture their ability for the betterment of our country,’’ he said.

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