‘My husband deserts me every time I have a baby’

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A 28-YEAR-OLD woman told a local court in Lusaka that she wants her husband to be serious with marriage.

That was because he deserted her whenever she has a baby and only returned after the baby had grown.

This is in a case in which Tina Mulenga of Mandevu compound sued her husband, Chisanga Mulenga, 33, of Chipata compound for reconciliation after separating for seven months.

The two got married in 2018 and have two children.

Tina told Senior Court Magistrate Pauline Newa at Matero Local Court that in 2013 when the first child was five months old Mulenga deserted her leaving her in a rented house and that the landlord even confiscated items for failure to pay rentals. She went to stay with her mother.

She explained that Mulenga came back after one year and six months they reconciled.

“When I had the second child Mulenga deserted me again leaving me in the rented house and the landlord confiscated our items.

I went to my mother until now he hasn’t come back I even went to Victim Support Unit,’’ said Tina.


In defence, Mulenga said that he also waned to reconcile with Tina.

He explained that problems started when he decided to sell the driers he bought for her because she exchanged words with his mother after she learnt that she wanted to buy them.

In submission, Tina said that she wanted Mulenga to be serious because he deserted her whenever she had a baby.   Mulenga promised that he will be serious since Tina did not see him to be serious.

The court said that there was lack of communication because people needed to talk and iron out issues and that if there was love, people should stay together. The court told Mulenga to change for better by being serious with his marriage.

It reconciled the couple since they were both willing to do so and urged them to stay in harmony.



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