Nalolo MP Imbuwa consents to divorce

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NALOLO Independent Member of Parliament George Imbuwa has given consent to dissolve his 12-year marriage to his wife who accused him of abandoning their matrimonial home.

This is in a matter where the lawmaker’s wife Ushe Mweemba has petitioned him for divorce for abandoning their matrimonial home.

However, Mr Imbuwa accused his wife of excessive drinking resulting in violent confrontations whenever he questions her whereabouts.

In a petition for dissolution of marriage filed in the Lusaka High Court, Ms Mweemba wants the court to dissolve their marriage because Imbuwa’s behaviour had tormented her and the children.

She stated that the lawmaker had neglected the household and has abandoned the matrimonial home, as he had been staying at Parliament Motel since 2016.

“Imbuwa only goes home when Parliament is not in session. “Even when he comes home to sleep, the respondent sleeps in a separate room,” Ms Mweemba.

Ms Mweemba stated that Mr Imbuwa denies her conjugal rights and that he stopped talking to her in 2017 despite several attempts to engage him over the matter. She added that he stopped having meals with the family in 2016 and prefers food from restaurants or takeaways.

In his response and cross petition the lawmaker negated claims that the couple’s marriage had broken down irretrievably because of his unreasonable behaviour but that of his wife’s unreasonable behaviour. Mr Imbuwa accused his wife of not staying at home and returning sometimes in the morning.  Mr Imbuwa adds that apart from being violent Ms Mweemba has been disrespectful towards him in the presence of their children and that she does not give his relatives attention which makes them to feel unwanted.

He said because of his wife’s behaviour, he found it intolerant to continue cohabiting with her as they had been living apart since 2017.


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