Namibia bans Boeing 737s

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NAMIBIA has joined the international aviation community in banning the landing and operation of any Boeing 737 Max 8 series planes, following the Ethiopian Airlines’ crash which claimed 157 lives on Sunday.

This is the second plane crash involving a Boeing 737 Max series’ plane in less than five months. Last year in October, a Boeing 737 Max 8 crashed into the Java Sea, some 12 minutes after take-off from Jakarta airport in Indonesia, killing all 189 passengers and crew on board. The two crashes have led to questions regarding the safety of the Boeing series.

Acting executive director at the Namibian Civil Aviation Authority, Angelina Simana, said in a statement yesterday that they had made the decision on the grounds of the safety of passengers and people on the ground.

“We have decided to take precautionary measures to ban the arrival or departure of any Boeing 737 Max series aircraft from Namibian airports at this time,” she added.

The international media has reported that the United Kingdom, Australia, China, Indonesia and Ethiopia have all grounded the planes until further notice.

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