NAPSA must offer waivers like ZRA

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Dear Sir,

I WRITE to appeal to National Authority Pension Scheme Authority (NAPSA) Management to emulate Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) management on waivers.

Much as NAPSA deals with employees’ contributions which actually are their savings, they can do better to give amnesty waiver on penalties to make a lot of companies comply.

The penalties that NAPSA is charging to defaulters are too much for most business houses.

This also has made some of them not willing to come forth to register with NAPSA because the economy is choked and business is really hard where some employers not only delay in paying salaries but also sometimes pay half salaries.

It is for this reason that I urge NAPSA to take a leaf from ZRA which has given Tax Payers amnesty and waivers on penalties and interest to cushion them.

This has actually made ZRA collect more money because a lot of business houses have come forth to normalise their tax obligation.

If NAPSA can also give a waiver on penalties, most businesses will surely be encouraged to register with the authority as per the statutory instrument requirement.



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