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The Centre for Infectious Disease Research in Zambia (CIDRZ) has been permitted to conduct vaccine trials aimed at reducing infant mortality rate through diarrhoea diseases in Zambia, National Biosafety Authority (NBA) Communications Officer Sandra Lombe has said.

Ms Lombe said the trial was going to target about 1, 500 infants between six and eight weeks country wide.

Ms Lombe said CIDRZ was given the go ahead to conduct research using a vaccine made from genetically modified material with an aim of fighting diarrhoea in infants. She said a total of about 8, 200 infants in three African countries including Zambia were expected to participate in the vaccine trial.

Meanwhile, Ms Lombe said NBA also granted a permit to Freddy Hirsch Group Limited to import spices that may contain ingredients made from genetically modified organisms. She said the company was given a permit to import spices such as Garlic powder, Paprika Rosen, ZAMBEEF HP,  ZAMBEEF French Polony, Beef Sausage, Boerewors farm Style ‘R” , and Hunters Biltong Seasoning, and any person buying it was expected to have a copy of Freddy Hirsch’s permit.

“Others are Tapioca Starch , Soya Protein Isolate, Super Reform 150 Ham, Chili Bite Seasoning (Hot), BBQ Beef, Instant Cure S, NF Curing Brine S, Beef Burger, QM Barbeque Marinade, Continental French , French polony, GM Aufschnitt,” she said.

 Ms Lombe said all those making products using the said spices for sale were now also required to clearly label their products that they ‘May contain ingredients of GMO products’.

She said failure to do so would lead to seizure and burning of their products in line with the provisions of the law.

Ms Lombe said it was important that the products were labelled so that people could make informed decisions when buying such products.”

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