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NDOLA City Council has announced that it will step up development in the remaining 20 months before the 2021 general elections. 

Mayor Amon Chisenga said the council would work round the clock to deliver socio-economic development to the residents of Ndola. 

Mr Chisenga was speaking after the results of the elections for deputy mayor were announced.

Kennedy Kasaba retained his position. 

Mr Chisenga said he did not see most councillors, including himself, coming back into office if they did not deliver to the expectations of the people. 

“We are remaining with 20 months before the elections, and I do not see most of the councillors coming back into office if we do not deliver to the people, “ he said. 

Mr Chisenga told the councillors to work together to effectively deliver services to the public. 

He pledged to work harder than ever to meet the expectations of the people of Ndola. 

Mr Kasaba urged the councillors to work as a team and support one another.  He said he would continue with ensuring efficient service delivery.

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