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SOME unscrupulous people in Ndola are swindling people out of huge sums of money on the pretext that they have land for sale, Ndola Mayor Amen Chisenga has revealed.

The Mayor said the council has uncovered a scam in which some people were using a fake document purported to have come from the court as consent judgement concerning a dispute over land with the council.

Mr Chisenga has since warned the public to be cautious of crooked people who were selling land illegally.

He explained that there was a consent judgement the council entered into with 18 people over land. Mr Chisenga added that 18 people were legitimately on the consent judgement but pointed out that there was a fake list with 34 people on it.

He warned that people should not fall prey to the scam as the local authority was the right organisation to administer land.

The Mayor explained that the additional individuals on the consent judgement were the ones going round and scamming people by hoodwinking them that they had won a case against the council.

He said the people who had been added to a consent Judgement risked being charged with a criminal case because they were claiming ownership of land which did not belong to them.

Mr Chisenga said the consent Judgement was discovered from a person who fraudulently sold a plot to an unsuspecting member of the public.

And Town Clerk Wisdom Bwalya assured residents of the council’s resolve to ensure that allocation of land was done in a proper way.

Mr Bwalya explained that all those that were interviewed last year would be given priority as the local authority had faced a number of challenges in the allocation of land.

He said the local authority was working round the clock to ensure that sanity was restored in land administration.

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