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NDOLA District Commissioner Canon George Chisulo has implored the residents in the district to ensure that they keep their surroundings clean.

In an interview, Canon Chisulo noted that with the rainy season approaching, residents should ensure high levels of hygiene in order to avoid the outbreak of cholera.

He said it was the responsibility of every citizen to ensure that the environment was clean and safe.

“It is very important for everyone to take responsibility for the environment because if the environment is unkept, a lot of illness will surely arise,” he cautioned.

He advised residents to ensure that they disposed of their waste the right way in order to promote high levels of sanitation.

Cannon Chisulo said he did not want any report of cholera in the district, hence the need for precautionary measures.

He noted that it was only when the public worked together with the local authorities that progress could be made in curbing not only cholera but also other water and air borne diseases.

Canon Chisulo also expressed concern over the non-adherence of the business community to every month’s cleaning exercise in the district.

He directed the Ndola City Council to revoke licences of any shop that would be found operating during the hours on the last Saturday of the month designated for cleaning.

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