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NATIONAL Restoration Party (NAREP) National Executive Committee members have all deserted party President Elias Chipimo since their election at a convention in 2016.

Information gathered indicates that NAREP is cracking as NEC members including some very senior officials had deserted the party, leaving Mr Chipimo to run the party alone.

Mr Chipimo’s continued losses in several by-elections can be attributed to lack of participation in party mobilization by the senior membership, which is making the party unpopular among voters.

And sources have said some party members are planning to disband the NEC as members had deserted the party.

During the mayoral by election, Mr Chipimo travelled to the United Kingdom but none of the NEC members participated in any campaign activities, leading to a humiliating loss.

And NAREP Lusaka District Chairman Richard Malilwe has confirmed that district officials had given all ‘ghost’ NEC members an ultimatum to show up before the end of this week, or they would call for disbanding of NEC.

Mr Malilwe said ever since NEC members were elected at a convention on December 15 2016, the members had not been involved in any party activities, leaving all responsibilities to Mr Chipimo and his Secretary General as well as the party spokesperson.

“If they are not going to come out from the slumber wherever they are, we are disbanding the NEC. We have been getting poor results and the party is not growing because they are not mobilizing the party, so why should we keep such people?” Mr Malilwe asked.

NAREP is reportedly struggling to remain relevant on the political landscape with Mr Chipimo seen as the only active party member in as far as mobilization was concerned.

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