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NEVERS Mumba’s claim of being the opposition party’s president is shocking because he was only elected to complete Rupiah Banda’s term of office in 2012, MMD Lundazi district chairman Godfrey Mapili told the Lusaka High Court yesterday.  

This is in a matter where acting national secretary for Dr Mumba-led MMD faction Winnie Zaloumis is challenging the 2016 convention which ushered in Felix Mutati, Raphael Nakacinda, Mwansa Mbulakulima and George Kangwa as the new leaders of MMD.

Ms Zaloumis wants the court to declare the convention null and void.

Testifying as a defence witness Mr Mapili told High Court Judge Sharon Newa that he wondered why the court was entertaining Dr Mumba.

He said he had been a member of the former ruling party since 1994 and did not know some of the people who were purporting to be leaders of the party.

He said Dr Mumba moved around with people the MMD did not know as Ms Zaloumis and Reuben Sambo were only seen for the first time under Dr Mumba. 

He said it was even funny how they became national secretary and party vice president, respectively, when they had never been elected. 

“Why are we here in court? Why are you, the court entertaining this man (Dr. Mumba), because even the people who have brought us here this, woman Winnie Zaloumis, is not MMD?” Mr Mapili said. 

He said he and other members did not know her and had never elected her at any convention but she was just handpicked by Dr Mumba from the streets.

Mr Mapili said Dr Mumba was advised to call for a convention for people to elect their leaders as it was already clear that he could not work with the party’s elected leaders.

Dr Mumba had aligned himself to total strangers whom he had opted to work with through appointments, contrary to the party’s constitution.   

Mr Mapili said Dr Mumba was elected alone in 2012 as the entire national executive committee (NEC) had already been elected in 2011 at the general convention in Kabwe.

He said it was only after Dr Mumba had taken over that the MMD started breaking into factions because illegal suspensions, expulsions and a growing number of nominations and replacements into NEC became the norm. 

The hearing continues. �ߒ/(�

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