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THE Ministry of Health and Local Government should continue to engage citizens in good hygiene practises and to ensure that both private and public places are kept clean, says Youth Aid chairperson Kachenga Chungu.

Mr. Chungu said citizens should continue to adhere to the highest levels of hygiene if another cholera outbreak was to be avoided.

He has urged line ministries such as the Ministry of Health or Local and Housing to continue collaborating if a healthy and clean environment was to be achieved.

In an interview yesterday, the non-governmental organisation prodded councils countrywide to inspect all private and public places to see to it that they were in conformity with health standards as demanded by the law.

“The Ministry of Local Government and other line ministries should continue engaging the young and old, in good hygiene practises and to see to it that both private and public places are always kept clean, healthy and tidy.

“As citizens we should not become relaxed because cholera cases have drastically reduced and revert to the old ways of throwing litter and garbage carelessly,” he said.

Meanwhile, the youth leader has endorsed the Keep Zambia Clean, Green and Health Campaign (KZCGHC) which was launched by President Edgar Lungu.

He said all well-meaning Zambians should support the initiative by the President which would ensure citizens were clean.

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