NGOCC censures nudity peddling on social media

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WE strongly condemn the exposure of nudity on social media because it has the potential to erode and compromise morals in our society, the Non-governmental Gender Organizations’ Coordinating Council (NGOCC) has said.

NGOCC executive director, Engwase Mwale, yesterday said the council was disturbed by the nude pictures of a named Kabwe woman which recently went viral on social media

Ms Mwale said she was aware that the Zambia Police Service had a record of the case and knew the culprits who allegedly committed the hideous crime and that some people would be brought to book soon.

“NGOCC has been alerted to some disturbing nude pictures and videos of a named Kabwe woman, which have since gone viral. We would also like to condemn the insensitive filming and circulating of a video of a naked woman suspected to be a witch in Chililabombwe, Copperbelt Province,” said Ms Mwale.

Ms Mwale said NGOCC was disheartened and remained deeply concerned at such wanton trends in abrogating women’s rights and dignity which goes to defeat the national values and principles.

Ms Mwale also appealed to everyone, especially women, to desist from taking and sharing pictures that dehumanized and exposed their privacy.

The women movement has also called on the Ministry of National Guidance and Religious Affairs (MNGRA) to heighten national sensitization and broad based consultations regarding fundamental principles on human and women’s rights.

“There is urgent need to take the approach of engaging citizens on mind-set change around upholding Zambia’s national values and principles and it is important that as a people, women and men, girls and boys, we become cautious of our self-image and self-respect by safeguarding the kind of materials we share on social media and other spaces,” she said.


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