Nip exam malpractices in the bud

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Dear Editor,

GRADES Seven, Nine and 12 pupils will later this year write their final examinations prepared by the Examinations Council of Zambia (ECZ).

Writing the examinations is one thing and preparing for them, is another.

Zambia in the recent past has witnessed rampant cases of examination malpractice or leakages year in and year out by the candidates at different grades.

In a nutshell, examination malpractice is a scenario where the person sitting for examinations has an undue advantage over others by virtue of having access to the actual examination papers prior to writing them. In other words, it is examination cheating by those writing.

The question then arises: “Why do some examination candidates resort to malpractices?” However, there are various reasons prompting the candidates to resort to leakages.

The reasons can be attributed to lack of confidence, lack of adequate preparations and the wish to pass with flying colours, among others. Apparently, it becomes common for some pupils, teachers and ECZ employees nabbed during the period of writing of these examinations.

To fight the scourge of examination malpractices, there is need to probe the source. Once the source is identified, it will be easy to curb it completely.

ECZ should put some security measures in place to ensure that the examination papers are not leaked.

The danger of examination malpractice is that it compromises the quality of education in the country.

This is because the culprits pass with excellent grades which they do not deserve under normal circumstances. When it comes to tertiary education, these pupils who pass with the aid of leakages face some academic challenges. This is June and there a few months remaining before the final examinations commence.

The candidates can utilise the few remaining months by studying very hard and pass without using leakage.

Moving forward; those involved in examination malpractices should be arrested and consequently slapped with a long jail sentence.

This will deter the would-be offenders. Ultimately, this is the surest way to nip the examination malpractices in the bud.



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