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RESIDENTS of Nkwazi Township in Ndola have bemoaned the lack of enough taps and water kiosks in the area.

In an interview, Josephine Mwenge noted that some taps which were installed last year in the area were not enough for all the residents.

Ms Mwenge said the installed water taps did not reach the other parts of the township, hence making it difficult for residents to fetch water.

Another resident, Annie Chanda, said the lack of water in the area was making it difficult for residents to do their chores as they had to walk long distances in search of water.

Ms Chanda had since called on Kafubu Water and Sewerage Company (KWSC) to install more taps or kiosks that would carter for the entire population in the area.

But Nkwazi ward councillor Chishimba Chimpampa said plans of installing more taps in the area were underway.

Mr Chimpampa stated that last year part of the Constituency Developed Funds (CDF) was used to finance the installation of 50 stand taps in the township.

The councilllor said he was aware that the area had a population of over 40,000 people and the taps which had been installed were not enough for all the residents.

He urged the residents to utilise the available taps in the area until plans to install other taps were completed.

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