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AS has been the case over the past three years, every October the topic in this column always moves to art in our quest to highlight events that are ongoing in the art space. This time is not any different.

After more than two years and four exhibitions, since its resumption in 2017, the African Inspiration Fine Arts Exhibition will once again host an art exhibition to run from Friday, November 1, 2019 to November 7, 2019, at its traditional venue, the Lusaka Golf Club.

Twenty-five artists are participating, including eight exhibiting artists, who are participating for the first time in line with the stated objective of the organisers of developing and promoting new talent by providing opportunities for the new artists to exhibit side by side with a core of established artists.

The art show is being organised on the peripheral of the Lusaka Golf Club October Monthly Medal and will continue the focus by the promoters to enmesh the golf and art.

It is even more remarkable at how the event has been well positioned over this short period as the most premier art event, as seen from the growing interest of prospective exhibitors, some of who could not be accommodated on account of limited space.

Despite the challenge of space, this exhibition continues to grow starting with 12 artists in November 2017 and growing to 25 artists at the forthcoming event.

Thus the promoter’s goal to make Zambian art attain its deserved position in the nation’s entrepreneurial space as a depository of quality assets of international value continues unabated.

As with all the previous events held this far, there will be a diverse range of art pieces, history and culture to sample. It will be a perfect blend of flairs in its architecture, with the young talents and the esteemed artist exhibiting side by side in sculpture, sketch, representational, and abstract.

The peculiar mix of styles, cultures and traditions will add to the blend of fun and enjoyment. All this will be held in comfort at the intersection of the crossroads of communities and in the midst of the Lusaka heartland. 

The Lusaka Golf Club with its eclectic but yet unadorned buildings stand as a real melting pot with a charming glass expanse scattered like a valley at the foot of the hill.

Over the years, Lusaka Golf Club has carved out a niche for itself as a central venue for such kinds of events. It’s elegant and yet ideal for that once in a moment event that combine both art and golf.

Not too long ago, in April 2019, the African Inspiration again brought together 21 artists who adorned the Lusaka Golf with several artifacts that the corporate and individual collectors found and reaped real value in the collections. This time around 25 artists are exhibiting showcasing even more than has been the case before the true gem of Zambian art.

Having noted all this, it is also important to realise that Zambian Art has not had the scale of promotion necessary to propel it as a huge economic segment and thus it needs all who are willing to support this sector especially that Art has provided a substantial contribution to national GDPs in other parts of the world.

Art therefore has the potential to scale the tourism sector in Zambia if properly harnessed. It is with that in mind and having seen how well the promoters have run the previous exhibitions, with no profit motive, that Nolands Advisory Services Limited has decided to join with the promoters to become the major sponsor of this event in the hope of advancing the promoter’s stated objective of making this event one of Zambia’s premier art exhibition. Mr. Chibuta Mumba, the Head of Advisory at Nolands noted that “We are excited to be part of the forth coming exhibition as we continue Nolands culture of contributing positively to the national conversation of growth and innovation.”  At Nolands, there is a belief that we can all be creators of a Zambia that we want.”

The African Inspiration Fine Arts Exhibition Organising chairman Aaron Chungu thanked Nolands for joining their efforts to support visual arts so that meaningful development from the creative industry can be stimulated and the fragmentation which has often being seen as the biggest challenge in the day to day life of an Artist can be diminished.

In the past two years, the African Inspiration has been clear about its purpose to reposition how art is viewed in Zambia and with a new partners in Nolands, it has brought a renewed invigoration to the heart of the ongoing conversation about establishing a sense of ownership among Zambian of our local genre of art and helping in turn to make it to be a big part of our modern infrastructures story.

This is more so that, other than as a market place for art, art exhibitions events double as a networking opportunities for artists in addition to their potential for providing mentoring opportunities.

Networks can be a dynamic source of development as well as a catalyst to spread information about prospects and resources which in turn can help Artist to coordinate their activities better.

The Promoters stated plans to make this art exhibition a premium annual show on the country’s tourist attraction calendar, must be encouraged and supported.

About the Author:  Kelvin Chungu is a Partner at Nolands Advisory Services Limited and can be reached on or +260-976377484.

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