On Fred M’membe asking Zambian Christians to join his Socialist Party

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Dear Editor,

The smart people of the Zambian Enterprise disdained communism, humanism and socialism.

What M’membe is doing is asking them to return to their vomits.

Therein lies the problem because this breed of Africans called Zambians don’t look back.

They are a forward thinking collective that ditched my UNIP, and have since ditched their so called neo-liberators, the MMD and have now cast their lots with PF.

Andy of UPND they trusted not; Hakainde Hichilema thus the current status quo … someone once said here that Fred’s Socialist Party was dead on arrival and they were right.

By the way, my Lord is a Capitalist like me that’s why he encouraged property rights and paying Caesar (taxes) what belonged to him.

He knew the young rich ruler was a capitalist and tempted him with a socialist ideal of wealth distribution to others and the young man could not do it. Why?

Because the Lord tells us to leave an inheritance to our own children and children’s children (a capitalist notion) not just strangers (a communist or socialist notion)

All in all, even his Judas Iscariot was a capitalist, he understood fully well the value of those 30 pieces of silver.

His disciples like Philip questioned how Jesus would feed 5,000 people with three loaves of bread and five fish without corresponding purchasing power of earned income.

Jesus’s own profession was carpentry until he was 30 years. With those earnings he being the oldest looked after Mary his mother and siblings after Joseph had died at an early age.

Everything taught in scripture on wealth alludes to personal input, personal responsibility and personal achievement but looking out for the common good. That is capitalism!!!

Good luck with your socialism … not that it’s entirely bad and wrong but don’t lie that’s itis premised on the eternal word of truth, the Canonical Bible.

Using religion to confuse the masses is the lowest common denominator for weaker provosts and it is a tried and true principle but you ain’t gonna have a free ride with the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise, they are way ahead of the curve on that.

It ain’t happening here … Heaven help us all!!!

And may Heaven have mercy on your insinuations of Christ’s teachings being socialist in nature.

Epo mpelele,


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