Open letter to ZESCO United executive committee, managing director (ZESCO) technical bench and players

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Dear Editor,

This letter is addressed to the above mentioned, and allow me to appreciate the good works you are doing in trying to make things work for the team.

I however feel it is important that I should recognize and appreciate the great and dedicated ZESCO fans/supporters across Zambia.

Being soccer fans we watch the game, follow it with a passion and see that we have the potential and players to win games.

So when we get the opposite, obviously we will complain and demand better from the team.

In cases where we see our team put in a lot of effort, and yet gets a negative result we understand and continue to support our team.

What we refuse is what looks to be a complacent or laisser faire attitude by players and the technical staff, wrong choice of players, wrong technical changes that affect our team’s performance.

ZESCO United is the pride of the nation therefore as a concerned fan I would like to give the following recommendations:

  1. ZESCO executive committee leadership has failed, it needs inclusion of new members who understand football and able to react in good time to avoid embarrassment.
  2. ZESCO LIMITED CEO: Let him stay away from football. He can be the patron but not to control anyone which includes the coach or executive committee decision on hiring the coach.
  3. Players who are old and tired let them be rested. Use fresh legs. It is better to lose with young team we are building than lose with old players we are phasing out.
  4. It is now visible that the technical bench has failed to deliver. Complete overhaul is needed if we are to see a better ZESCO United.

Bring back our ZESCO team


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