Opposition parties are a failure

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Dear Editor,

IT is interesting how most opposition political parties are failing to live up to their objectives as opposition political parties.

Opposition parties are supposed to be actually ruling parties in waiting but most of them have lamentably failed to live to the cause making them almost irrelevant.

Instead of offering alternative solutions to the citizens by clearly illustrating how best they will instead do things, they have just turned themselves into mudslinging political parties of the party in power and the Republican President without offering solutions to what they oppose.

Zambians are not even availed of what the opposition parties would offer if voted into power come 2021 apart from just insulting the sitting President.

What role then are they playing in Zambian politics? Is their existence bent on opposing everything about the ruling party and the Republican President or to offer alternatives to the ruling party’s short comings?

Zambians know the problems the country is faced with and hence want to know how each opposition political party will resolve such to make an informed decision.

But that constructive opposing factor is missing in nearly all the opposition political parties. How then do they want to be voted into power if they don’t seem to know how to solve most of what they oppose?

As we draw nearer to the 2021 elections, Zambians want to know how things will be done differently to vote them into power, otherwise it is another academic and futile but failed resolve.


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