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MORE than 1, 000 people have benefited from the social responsibility undertaking by the Horizon Education Trust School to celebrate their Muslim Eid festival of the sacrifice.

Horizon Education Trust school chairman Leslie Mbula said Zambia as a Christian nation must practice an action of belief by sharing the little they got to keep their faith for God alive.

Mr Mbula said giving in a small way was vital for Zambia as a Christian nation, because faith without action was dead.

Mr Mbula who is former Zambian High Commissioner to South Africa, has urged the Zambian people to live within the principles of Christianity and ensure they have love for others.

He said being a chairman of Horizon Education Trust School, he has leant a lot from the Moslem community on the way they share with the poor, and that Christians must emulate such faith.

Mr Mbula said there was hunger in some communities that needed aid from those who had more. It was the responsibility of every Christian to extend a giving hand to the poor.

He urged the Zambian businesses and the government to identify a day at which they would give to the poor, to signify Zambia’s belief as a Christian nation.

He said being among the individuals who spearheaded for the coming of Horizon school in Zambia, he was impressed with the responsibilities the school has exhibited to the community.

Mr Mbula was speaking during the Moslem Eid festival of the sacrifice of animal slaughtering at Grand abattoir in Lusaka yesterday.

He said the school had continued to provide quality education and ensuring good morals for the development of the nation.

Mr Mbula said quality education was a cornerstone for the development of any country like Zambia, saying the school has played a significant and extensive role in fostering a good relationship between Zambia and the world at large in the educational, moral, cultural and social fields.

He said people who were identified in respective communities were on the day of celebration given 3kg of beef as a way of sharing to the poor among others.

Every year during the Islamic month of Dhul Hijjah, Muslims around the world slaughter an animal to reflect the prophet Ibrahim’s willingness to sacrifice his son Ismail for the sake of God, and those in Zambia were not exceptional to what people in their countries of origin were celebrating, – the three-day feast to thank God.

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