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REPORTS by Africa Confidential, a Britain based newsletter that Zambia was in a debt crisis and three parastatals were taken over by the Chinese government because Zambia defaulted in repaying loans were false and a malicious campaign against the government, Minister of information and Broadcasting Dora Siliya has said.

Meanwhile Ms Siliya clarified that ZNBC was 100 percent owned by Zambians and only had partnerships with Top Star and MultiChoice.

She said Top Star was assisting with digital migration while ZNBC owned 30 percent of Multichoice Zambia.

And speaking at the same function, Energy Minister, Mathew  Nkhuwa  clarified that rumours that ZESCO was to be taken over by the Chinese government were false and meant to tarnish the government’s image.

He said ZESCO would be guarded jealously and if any sort of transaction was real he would have been aware.

Mr Nkhuwa said Zambians should just dismiss the rumours and concentrate on more productive issues.

And Ministry of Transport and Communication Permanent Secretary Misheck Lungu also refuted claims that National Airports was to be handed over to the Chinese if Government failed to repay the loan it got to expand the airport.

Mr Lungu said Government had the capacity to repay the money and the customer base at the airport was growing.

He said Zambia had never defaulted on loans.

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