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THE remarks in an audio recording by former PF North-Western Province Information and Publicity secretary Reverend Tom Mushinge has put the name of the Church.

Rev Mushinge, who congregates at Bread of Life Church International, has since resigned from PF after being slapped with an indefinite suspension.

Bishop, Decus Mwenze, the overseer of Living Mission Church, who was in the company of other church leaders said it was shameful that such words came from a person carrying the title of a reverend.

The bishop said this when a team of pastors had an audience the PF provincial leadership.

He said as a man of God, Rev Mushinge should have been providing Godly counsel to the party leadership and not making disparaging remarks against his own organisation.

‘’He is supposed to take an advisory role of making sure that the party leadership in the province is counselled on biblical principles, and not what we have head in the recordings, it is very shameful,’’ He said.

Bishop Mwenze said people who call themselves Men of God should protect the integrity of the church and not putting the office of the shepherds of God to ridicule.

 ‘’So, we are here to encourage you and your team that what you have done by not taking the matter personal is commendable. You have done a good thing to be quiet and allow God to stand for you,’’ he said.

He urged provincial PF chairman, Jackson Kungo and the entire leadership, not to revenge but leave everything in the hands of God.

And Mr Kungo said he had opted to remain quiet on the matter because he considered Rev Mushinge as his father.

‘’Exchanging words with him could have meant demeaning the clergy at large, and so, I chose to be silent despite the disparaging remarks against me,’’ he said.

Mr Kungo said his only concern was the effect caused by the words used in the recordings towards some families.

‘’My prayer is that there may be peace in those families mentioned in those recordings because those words used have potential to divide families,” he said.

A recording attributed to Rev Mushinge went viral in which he condemned the PF and accused some provincial officials of immorality.

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