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Ever dreamed of a place that offered breath taking views, wildlife, luxury and scrumptious food all under one roof?  Well read on further and you never know where you might end up this festive season.

The drive to Siavonga promised a scenic route as you transit from the busy capital; Lusaka City, to the bushy outskirts of the country. Long undulating and winding roads reminded me of a fun rollercoaster and hilly forests endless in their beauty, a piece of haven unattainable in the bustling city.

As you reach the quiet town of Siavonga, you drop off from the long drive, into a town, quiet but brimming with underlying energy. The chauffeured drive from the bus stop to the Inn giving you a glimpse of Lake Kariba, sparkling with inviting waters and docked with fishing boats, already a boisterous feeling humming from the pit of my stomach, making me lightheaded with excitement as to what was to be offered by our hosts at the Lake Kariba Inns.

You enter the property grounds into a drive way that looks like a spacious courtyard with different pathways leading to the different rooms and villas, some overlooking the lake and others enclosed in fairy tale-like nature with trees and flowers and stoned pathways; if you’re lucky you might spot a zebra or two grazing.

As you check in, you are welcomed by homely receptionists who take care to make sure you feel at home.

Escorted down an enchanted pathway leading past cottage like rooms, is the room that takes breaths away; Room 15. A spacious executive room fitted with all amenities that will add comfort during your stay with the view of the lake getting you excited to wake up early in the morning and take it all in and reflect about life.

The executive room equipped with a private crystal clear pool and further on, the Lake Kariba captures your soul, inviting and splendid in its peacefulness.

Away from the rooms is the main dining area with chic and minimalistic décor with shades of blue to subconsciously calm you after the long road trip. The restaurant is more of an idyllic open-air eatery ideal for a cool summer breeze.

It also offers stunning views over-looking lake Kariba with winding pathways leading up to the water nestled in greenery and stone, music streaming out gently from the speakers with the scents of food wafting from the kitchen promising exquisite food. The gentle buzz of fellow residents chattering away and the occasional child’s gleeful laughter as they bask in this wondrous enclosure.

The space even more magical at night, with lights set up to twinkle among the encircling trees, a Christmas vibe soothing in the dead of night.

Apart from enjoying the scenic beauty around Lake Kariba Inn, going for a boat cruise, or getting a massage; there are quite a number of activities lined up to keep you active throughout the day; a bar right next to the restaurant complete with a pool table and foosball machine or just relax with a cold beer and chat with fellow travellers.

At the far end of the shore, boats docked and awaiting the adventurous

The sunrise brings about a dazzling sight over the lakes surface with the skies reflecting perfectly over the smooth lakes surface, golden light as far as the eyes can see. How can one not cry out in joy at such a blessed sight?


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