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THE warning issued by the governing Patriotic Front (PF) that it might drop some members of Parliament (MPs) deemed as being disloyal is a timely warning for its members to change their ways.

The warning was first raised by PF secretary-general Davies Mwila at the weekend on the Copperbelt.

Yesterday, Lusaka Province acting PF secretary Kennedy Kamba reiterated the warning that MPs found to be disloyal to the party might find themselves not being adopted for the 2021 parliamentary elections.

Apparently, Mr Mwila was prompted to sound the warning after some Copperbelt-based MPs shunned a meeting he addressed at the weekend.

From experience, the PF seems to have always had this problem from some MPs who once they make it to Parliament think they are not answerable to the organisation that sponsored them in the first place – the party.

They want to undermine their colleagues and think they are superior when they are not.

We agree that it is a mark of disrespect for party functionaries to be absent at a meeting where Mr Mwila as secretary-general is scheduled to speak.  After all, he is the party’s administrative head who coordinates all its activities.

His office is therefore supposed to be respected because all functions revolve around it.  Simple courtesy entails that when one is unable to attend, an apology is sent explaining the absence.                                                                                                                                          Yes, those perceived to be going in the opposite direction from the party’s ideals are best shunted aside and allow for those willing to work for the common good to remain.

After all, this is the guiding principle in clubs and other organisations where people from different walks of life come together to promote a common goal.

The perceived clean-up within the ranks of the PF must not, however, weaken the party in anyway.

If anything, any major shake-up carried out within the party should leave the organisation stronger and more united in pursuit of its goals.

A world of caution though is that this should not be turned into a witch hunt in which innocent members will be accused wrongly so as to remove them because of being perceived as threats by their rivals.

The PF, being the party in government, will always be under public scrutiny and whatever it does transparency must always be there.

We note that as Mr Kamba said, the party leadership had identified the MPs who were disloyal.

“How can the party continue with MPs that are disloyal? It is not possible. We need people who can work well with the party structures, especially the leadership,” Mr Kamba said.

Yes, the PF could not work with MPs who wanted to cause confusion, and that it was better to get rid of them.

But even then, the party should be careful in the manner it handles the so-called bad eggs.  The best approach would be to bring them back to the fold and give them a hearing.

They could have been led astray.  They must be brought back to the fold and help the party grow. :���#f

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