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THE United Party for National Development (UPND) in Chongwe must give credit where it is due and not resort to opposing for the sake of it, Chongwe District Patriotic Front chairperson, Evans Mhambi has said.

Mr. Mhambi made these remarks in an interview with the Daily Nation. He said this in reaction to the withdrawal of a planned protest to be organised by the UPND. 

“We are reliably informed that some UPND officials in Chongwe had planned a protest over the water crisis.

They were however ashamed to discover that there protest was going to be in vain.

“They wanted to protest over lack of funding from government and against the delay of the contractor to report on site at the Mwachiyeya water project.  Mr. Mhambi said they were ashamed after discovering that government had already released funding and the contractor was on site working.

This was very unfortunate as such behaviour does not show leadership.

He said the UPND must be objective and not just oppose everything without facts.

The matter at hand is not a trivial matter and as such they must trade carefully to avoid raising unnecessary alarm.

Mr. Mhambi said even the application for the protest was not appropriate and police advised them accordingly.

He said no one had stopped the protest, but the protestors had withdrawn on their own because of their unfounded grounds for the intended action.

Mr. Mhambi who has been  re-elected to the position of deputy mayor advised residents to consult with the district commissioner, Mr. Robster Mwanza on matters of development in the district.

He observed that the DC was very much ready to offer clarification on such matters and as such people must not speculate or rely on rumors.

Mr. Mhambi said the government attached great importance to the welfare of the people and had funded the project which be completed soon.

He thanked government for funding the project as it would go a long way in alleviating the suffering of the people.

The PF government, he stated was a pro-poor government that would continue to engage the people at all levels as they are the masters.

 He said the government was obliged to deliver on its promises in line with its manifesto which is translated into policies that are aimed at responding to the people’s needs.

Mr. Mhambi therefore appealed to the residents to be patient as hope government was doing all it can to solve the water problem in the district.

He said the water pipeline which was at 85% completion could not be abandoned at such an advanced stage.

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