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PATRIOTIC Front (PF) Kwacha Constituency Vice-Information and Publicity Secretary Godfridah Chulu has been suspended for allegedly insulting constituency chairman Alexander Mulenga during a failed meeting at Riverain Primary school in Kitwe.

But when contacted for a comment Ms Chulu, who is also PF Lubwa ward councillor, denied having insulted Mr Mulenga, adding that the suspension was null and void.

In the letter of suspension, which was copied to the district chairman Christopher Kang’ombe and Provincial chairman Stephen Kainga, Mr Mulenga said he had decided to suspend Ms Chulu for allegedly using insulting language.

Mr Mulenga has since given Ms Chulu fourteen (14) days to exculpate herself over allegations levelled at her in the suspension letter.

“As chairman of the constituency, I have decided to suspend you for insulting me during a meeting held in Nkana East at Riverain Primary school. I am an old person and have children who are your agemates. I have given you fourteen (14) days to exculpate yourself,” Mr Mulenga said.

But Ms Chulu said Mr Mulenga could not suspend her because he was an imposed constituency chairman who was being used by people fighting Kwacha Member of Parliament (MP) Joe Malanji.

“Even this letter of suspension is not a genuine thing. It is just aimed at silencing me and others who are loyal to Mr Malanji. They want to divide the constituency. They should not take our patience to

When contacted for a comment, Mr Kang’ombe, who is Kitwe Mayor, confirmed receiving a copy of the letter of suspension for Ms Chulu.

Mr Kang`ombe said the divisions in Kwacha were not productive and wished people could learn to unite to develop the constituency.

“The councillor brought copy of letter today. The divisions in Kwacha are not productive and I wish people can learn to unite,’ Mr Kang’ombe said.

On Saturday, ward and branch officials in Lubwa ward of Kwacha constituency refused to be addressed by constituency leaders led by Mr Mulenga, claiming that he was imposed on them by district leaders.

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