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THE PF is not shaken by the United Party for National Development (UPND)’s stage managed defections in Livingstone where former Zambezi ward councillor Philemon Musonda joined the opposition party.

Southern Province PF Chairman Lawrence Evans said the defection were stage-managed and that the ruling party would continue growing in the region.

On Saturday, Mr Musonda and some PF supporters from Zambezi ward

left the ruling party to join the UPND at a function which was graced by UPND provincial chairman Billiard Makwembo.

But Mr Evans said Mr Musonda has a hidden agenda of seeking a parliamentary seat in Livingstone.

In an interview with the Daily Nation in Livingstone, Mr Evans said that very soon, the UPND would learn the former councillor’s true colours.

“That was not a defection by Musonda and his followers but they were simply going back to their party of origin,” Mr Evans said.

He charged that Mr Musonda while in PF had wanted a senior position but that was not given to him despite attempts to push the leadership for such a position.

Mr Evans said Mr Musonda’s departure was good riddance and would not have any negative impact on the growth of the party in Livingstone.

“Even if their so called president of a political party was head of state, he could not have done anything about the current climate change situation in Southern Africa like the way Musonda claimed when he went back to the UPND,” Mr Evans said.

He said it is unthinkable that a sane person could blame Government for load shedding.

During his defection to the UPND on Saturday, Mr Musonda said he was not looking for any position in UPND but that he would work for the party so that its leader Hakainde Hichilema could be president of this country in 2021.

Mr Musonda said he was ready to mobilize the party and this is the reason he had defected with his followers.

Another key figure at the defection held at Tuswangane Recreation Club was former MMD Kariba ward councillor Friday Nkonde.

Meanwhile, UPND Southern Province Chairman Billiard Makwembo  claimed that his party had locked out the PF in the province since 2016.

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