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THE Patriotic Front (PF) has trashed allegations by National Democratic Congress (NDC) that the ruling party has bribed its Lusaka province official Mr Goodson Banda with K300, 000 cash and a motor vehicle.

PF media director Sunday Chanda said the ruling party had no money to waste on recruiting members but only had good ideologies to attract them to join.

Mr. Chanda said there was no cause for the PF to start fishing members from the NDC, which he described as a non-factor.

He appealed to Zambians to dismiss NDC’s allegations with the contempt they deserved because they were false as PF had no time to offer such huge sums of money to politicians.

He said if Mr. Banda was re-joining PF, it was out of his conviction of the need for a clear sense of direction.

“We ask the general public to dismiss a statement attributed to NDC spokesperson Eric Chanda alleging that the ruling party had paid K300,000 and bought a car for their Lusaka province chairperson Goodson Banda,

“We have no cause for going to such lengths and depths just to fish the NDC provincial chairperson… things are falling apart not just figuratively in the NDC and any reasonable follower would have to think twice about staying,” Mr. Chanda said.

Yesterday Mr Chanda accused the PF of enticing Mr Banda to re-join the ruling party and that he had succumbed to the lure after allegedly being paid K300, 000 cash and a motor vehicle.

Mr. Chanda claimed that Mr. Banda was expected to re-join the PF this weekend after accepting the offer.

He however said the NDC was not moved by such desperate measures as it existed to better the lives of Zambians.

He said NDC was not for the weak who abandoned its vision for monetary gain at the expense of pushing for national development.  “Fellow Zambians, NDC is aware that the PF has been courting the NDC Lusaka province chairman Goodson Banda and have done what they know best. They have offered Goodson Banda K300, 000 cash and he is expected to join then PF by this weekend,

“The Zambian people should know that NDC is here to offer a service to them …we have come on the political scene so that the poor people can have a better life and not to buy or pay political leaders,” he said

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