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POLICE in Isoka have thwarted a midnight theft of more than 400 pockets of cement by some Chinese nationals from a government school.

Guards at Michael Chilufya Sata Girls’ Secondary School construction site were shocked to find a truck loading  building materials when they had not been advised of such in the day. 

Isoka District Commissioner Evenwell Mutambo said he was alerted by security guards around 01:00 hours that some Chinese nationals had gone to the Michael Sata Girls School  with a truck to collect Cement and Iron sheets from the construction site.

Mr Mutambo said he then alerted police and went to Michael Chilufya Sata Girl’s construction site and found a truck loaded with 400 bags of cement.

‘’We were alerted by people on the site that some Chinese nationals had gone to Michael Chilufya Sata Girls Secondary school to collect building material and when we  went there with the police we found a truck loaded with 400 bags cement and iron sheets,’’ Mr Mutambo said.

‘’We asked them where they were taking the materials  and they said they were taking the materials to Chinsali general Hospital construction site because Michael Sata School project was stalling,’’ Mr Mutambo said.

Mr Mutambo said his office and that of the local Member of Parliament could not allow them to collect material from the site because they did not have any documents to retrieve material from the site and that Chinsali general hospital was being constructed by a different contractor.

Works at Michael Chilufya Sata girl’s secondary school have stalled despite the contractor having necessary material to continue with works.

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