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By Innocent Siachitoba

THE early morning jogs at State Lodge by President Edgar Lungu has elated many citizens.

Speaking after covering  a distance of 10 kilometres, Makeni Villa Mission District  Health director  Ester Sigwidi, a medical expert said it was important to  have regular  personal exercises  whether indoor or outdoor for health living.

And speaking at the same event SDA District Secretary Phanuel Hantumbu said as the district they will continue to have such regular exercises saying a nation without a healthy population cannot see any meaningful economic or social development.

“As Makeni Villa Mission District of the Seventh-day Adventists, we will continue doing such health activities to keep our bodies healthy. We have been watching and reading about President Edgar Lungu doing the same which is a very good thing as he is setting an example to the people he is leading”.

And one of the participants Biggie Cheembo said it was important to have physical exercises unlike spending much time in cars.

The extraordinary Health Walk which  was held on March 12, 2019 started from Kilimanjaro Los Angeles road to Konzani Gardens along Mumbwa road from 07:45hrs to 10:56hrs.

The health walk which was under the escort of Zambia Police attracted over 320 participants.

According to World Health Organization  adults can improve their health by doing at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity, or 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity, aerobic physical activity, per week, or an equivalent combination of both.

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