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Dear Editor,

VENDORS, either on the street or otherwise, are all entrepreneurs. They deserve respect.

And anyone who thinks to the contrary is a certifiable idiot.

Street vending does NOT cause disease. It causes prosperity and reduces reliance on State aid.

The fallacy that street vending causes disease is just that, a fallacy.

It is the vending/business that has ended poverty in China for over 800 million of its citizens.

In times like these when austerity is all over business initiatives (start-ups) by individuals must be encouraged.

It is these same street vendors that, with the requisite support, should eventually displace Shoprite, Pick n Pay or Spar. Better still, merely out-compete them.

Vendors can eventually make it onto the Forbes List of companies doing well in Africa and beyond. Ask Trade Kings.

Next time you find a cop, council or State, harassing or beating a vendor, call me, and together we should beat up that cop.

Vending puts money in people’s pockets. Period.

Kuchaya munthu wamene azigilisila nikulakwa. Aya ndiye yaja bakamba ati machimo!

All citizens are now called upon to commend Dr Edgar Chagwa LUNGU, our Republican President, for allowing street vending.

Now, in Lusaka, vendors can freely conduct their commercial activities on Lumumba Road and Simon Mwewa Lane. Hallelujah!

This must be replicated in all other cities and towns in Zambia.

Further, what must be done now is registration of all these street vendors and the issuance of TPIN to each one of them by the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA).

This will mark the beginning or continuation of the required capture  of the informal sector for tax purposes in keeping with the much sought-after broadening of the national tax base which Finance Minister Dr Bwalya Ng’andu must resolutely pursue.

This kind of action will lead to the required fiscal consolidation that Zambia is seeking.

In addition, the Ministry of Health should now hold capacity building workshops focusing on hygiene especially for those street vendors that handle food for the consumption of the public.

The ZDA in concert with the Ministry of Commerce should also capacity build these vendors with reference to book keeping and cash flow management.

In the end, what will really thrive these citizens called vendors is if the Government of the Republic of Zambia begins to trade with them, do business with them.

For poverty to end in Zambia, over 60 percent of all government expenditure should be on or with citizens and their businesses.

Zambians do NOT have money today because over 60 percent of all businesses in our country are in foreign hands. Much of our economy is owned by foreigners.  This must change.

Zambia is on course.

Vending is the way to go.

We must all take our hats off to President Lungu on this one.

Tiye, tiye mfumu! È pologramu iyi. In Kikaonde, we says “munwe umo keutola lukuso ne!” We are with you, boss!

In the end, the PF, through government, should provide the required supervision to all the street vendors.


Development Activist

Former UPND Vice President for Politics.

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