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School authorities must strive to protect their land from encroachers by either putting up a wall fence or by getting surveyors to put up beacons, says Kitwe District Education Board Secretary (DEBS) Mwape Chishimba Nkosha.

Mr Nkosha said failure to erect a wall fence or put up beacons on school land had in the past resulted in people encroaching on school premises and refusing to vacate the land.

He, however said erecting a wall fence was an expensive venture, while getting surveyors to come and put up beacons had its own challenges because they would complain of not having transport.

It was speaking at the weekend when he toured the 1 x 4 classroom block and the production unit at Twashuka Combined School in Chamboli township.

“It is important to protect the school land from encroachers because if you leave it like that they will think it is free for all. So there are two ways of protecting the school land.

The first one is, through erecting a wall fence and the second one is through putting beacons.

“But erecting a wall fence is very expensive while if you decide to call surveyors to put up beacons, they will also tell you, they do not have transport,” Mr Nkosha said.

And Mr Nkosha has said production units had become a policy of the government hence it was important that parents encourage their children to participate in projects.

He said, a serious production unit could make a school to become self-sustainable through the production of vegetables, livestock and other items.

“These politics of human rights will not help us, let us encourage our children, our pupils to get involved in production units, he said.

And during the meet the DEBS fund raising braii to raise funds for the completion of a 1 x 4 classroom block, Mr Nkosha pledged K5, 000, while Chamboli ward councillor Mike Zulu pledged K3, 000.

Bayport Financial Services donated K1, 000, Butotelo Primary School pledged 10 bags of cement, Kampemba Secondary School pledged five bags of cement, MIndolo Primary School pledged two bags of cement and a parent, Morgan Matafwali pledged five pockets of cement.

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