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PRUDENTIAL Insurance has introduced a micro assurance product ‘Pru platinum smart saver plan’ to cater for both low income and high income customers.

Chief executive officer Krishnaswamy Rajagopal said his company recognised the challenges associated with underwriting in insurance business in all facets to make insurance business successful.

He was speaking at the launch Pru Platinum smart saver in Lusaka at the weekend.

Mr Rajagopal explained that the approach for Prudential was to provide the new product a broader base for clients and ensure strong reinsurance backup.

He noted that the top most priority for Pru Platinum was its affordability, flexibility, convenience, efficiency and fast delivery of world-class services to clients without compromise on quality.

“The most exciting unique feature of Pru platinum is it’s a management solution that enables you to make a lump sum investment while enjoying life protection,

“We believe this innovation approach will enhance the penetration levels of insurance in the Zambian market in keeping with Government’s goal for the insurance sector,” he said.

And prudential chief operation officer Damian McGeown explained that the saving policy provided higher returns for higher investments while allowing regular withdrawals.

“Prudential believes that this product will indeed cater for the life insurance needs of the marginalised and will guarantee financial independence, thereby lessen fiscal burden,” he said.

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