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A 29-YEAR-OLD woman narrated before a local court in Lusaka that her husband impregnated another woman and that when they wanted to resolve the matter he made love to another woman in the neighbourhood.

Mercy Mutondo, of Zani Muone compound was testifying in a case in which her husband, Paul Tembo, 35, a truck driver sued her for divorce.

The two got married in 2005 and have five children.

Tembo told senior court magistrate Ganston Kalala at Matero Local Court that when they had two children, his parents gave them a plot and that after they built a house Mutondo wanted him to put it in her name but he refused.

He said that they sold the house and bought another plot which he wanted her to register as Ms Tembo but she still refused.

Tembo said Mutondo’s mother was upset and that when they had a meeting Mutondo said that Tembo could not build a house in his name and that she said she would kill him.

‘’When girls in the neighbourhood differed, one of them revealed that her friend was in a relationship with me, that was how Mutondo left our matrimonial home for three days,’’ Tembo said.

In cross-examination, Tembo said that it was true he had a one day relationship with a girl in the neighbourhood.

Mutondo said that after they sold the house in Kanyama, a woman phoned her and said that she had a child with Tembo.

She said that Tembo sold the house in Kanyama because he was shy of a woman he had impregnated.

Tembo bought two plots and said that one should be for his family and the other one should be registered as Ms Tembo which her mother objected because she could be arrested for having two National Registration Cards (NRCs), Mutondo said.

She also said that recently girls in the neighbourhood fought and one of them revealed that her friend was in a sexual relationship with Tembo.

‘’The girl confessed that they made love in a lodge with Tembo. I felt shy because it was in public and I went to stay at my sister’s place,’’ Mutondo said.

Asked by the court if he had a child with another woman and if he was in a sexual relationship with a girl in the neighbourhood, Tembo answered in the affirmative.

The court said that the problem was Tembo because he was a womanizer.

The court said that Tembo had lost love for Mutondo and it granted divorce and ordered him to pay K10, 000 compensation which should be paid in monthly installments of K500. Households to be shared equally.

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