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AN attempt to cover up the botched rape of a 16-year-old girl at a Chongwe-based private school, has been uncovered.

Both school authorities and police have denied any knowledge of the incidence, claiming  ignorance when the Daily Nation contacted them separately for comments over the attempted rape of the 16-year-old girl on Thursday last week around 17:00 hours.

Police claim to have no report even though an officer accompanied the uncle of the girl to the school when the matter was reported to the Lusaka-based parents.

The girl has since been withdrawn from being a boarder at the school after surviving the attempted rape at the hands of the son of the school’s owner.

The assailant is reportedly in hiding after the girl’s uncle visited the school in the company of a police officer.

The father of the victim said in an interview that he was disturbed to learn that his daughter was attacked and nearly raped in the school dormitory.

However, police have denied knowledge of the incident despite both the victim and the parents confirming to the Daily Nation.

The victim told the Daily Nation that the incident happened when she took a nap after a bath in the deserted dormitory.

She explained that after dozing off naked, she awoke to find a man on top of her, touching and fondling her. A fight ensued and she managed to overpower the man, who ran off but left her with bruises.

The girl, said she immediately called her mother who instructed her uncle within the area to go to the school. The uncle rushed to the school with a police officer but the alleged assailant had disappeared.

The victim said in an exclusive interview that, the young man in his twenties pounced on her when she had gone into the dormitory to take a nap after a shower.

“I had just came from bathing and I decided to take a nap without any clothes on me because it was very hot. I just felt someone fondling me and putting his weight on me. When I turned to check who it was I discovered that it was the son to the Director. I struggled with him for a long time and my friends were outside and did not know what was going on. I  managed to overpower him and he ran away leaving me bruised on my face,” she said.

The victim told the Daily Nation that she immediately phoned her mother. “I called my mother to tell her what had happened and she called my uncle who stays in Chongwe. My uncle came with a police officer, but the boy had already disappeared.

I informed the owner of the school who is also the boy’s father. He advised me to change the statement and say that we were just playing and that is how I hurt myself.

My parents have decided to move me out of the boarding, but I want him to be arrested because he might do this to another pupil,” she said.

The school head teacher and director have both denied having any such  case in their school.

But the victim’s father , who stays in Lusaka’s Bauleni compound told the Daily Nation in a telephone interview that, the daughter had informed them of the incidence.

“Yes she called us, but we don’t want to take it any further because we feel for the business of the owner of the school. We called the girl’s uncle who resides in Chongwe, he personally went there to get first hand information. He confirmed the development, but we are afraid that the owner of the school might lose business or the school might be closed.

We have just asked him to get rid of his son so as to secure the girls in the boarding school. He has agreed to do just that. This is very unfortunate as the school is not secured. We fear for the girls in that school. We send our children knowing that they will be well protected, but this is a bad sign of the lack of security at the school,” he said.

Mr. Longwani said that, the family had since decided to withdraw the girl from the boarding.

“We have decided to forfeit the boarding fees we paid and take our daughter out of that boarding. She will stay at the school, but she will be a day scholar,” he said.

A check at Chongwe police by the Daily Nation revealed that no such case was reported from the said school by press time.

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