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Dear Editor,

I WRITE to express my displeasure over the Chingola Kitwe dual carriage way which is being worked over for I don’t know how many years now without completion.

This road is a very vital international road and when RDA announced the start of rehabilitation and construction of this 52kms road after successful bidders were announced some years ago, everyone was elated.

The ground breaking is what then followed and equipment was moved to site much to the chagrin of everyone including the President. This was way back before the Chingola Solwezi road construction tenders were even on the table.

It is however shocking that Chingola Solwezi road measuring more than 100kms and whose construction works started after the Chingola Kitwe road has been completed and commissioned while Chingola Kitwe road seem to be waiting for next year.

Ba RDA, where is the problem kanshi? Can you revisit your construction scope of works/BOQ with the constructor as soon as possible.

Mind you, the rain season is around the corner, yet we don’t seem to see this road being completed before the rains start.

I hope and only hope Zambia is not going to lose more money over these continued rehabilitation works on the road before it is even commissioned and handed over to us the owners.

May your technocrats who supervise these construction works up their ball game to save the country from what could be overpricing because of these extensions.

Don’t do the same things the same way over and again and expect different results; its not possible.


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