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ZAMBIA must re-craft an advanced first world dominant growth, as micro-economic path from the Third World, by ‘Solutionist’ thinking and transformative leadership.

The Complexity of the Dilemmas, if not Multilemas that confront our nation to move us from a Third World backward nation, will require leadership that is innovative and Solutionist in thinking, to make us an advanced First World Nation in the 21st Century. Some of the areas we need to re-craft our State include:

Firstly, re-crafting the Civil Service. The devil since 1964, has fundamentally been in a Civil Service that State-captures the presidency, by outdated routines. A lot of work must be done to re-craft the Civil Service for a modern government that meets the needs of our Citizenry and populace around the country.

The state must regulate the successive governments in our Republic. So far six administrations have changed, but the state as badly crafted, has not, consequently keeping the presidency held at ransom.

Cabinet, Permanent secretaries, and the Civil Service cannot Propel us to an advanced First World Zambia. Restructuring it is required, as of primal importance going forward.

This requires a new leadership with solutionist and innovative thinking, to drive the transformation agenda of the Eighth National Development Plan. The Old Wine-skin of the Civil Service cannot contain as a structure, the New Wine of First World Government in 2021 and beyond. We need a modern Civil Service, which responds to the needs of the advanced Presidency and State-crafting. Solutionist thinking, must create a Civil Service that is able to engender effective government, and Public Service. Corruption starts thereon, and later affects successive governments for want of reforms. Transforming it, is part of the main agenda of 2021 and beyond.

Secondly, re-crafting our Macro-economic Template for an Advanced Dominant Economy. “Hand-bag Economics and Statistical Growth”, is very deceptive and artificial. It is more academic. Since 2011, three Ministers of Finance, have failed to recover the Zambian economy from a declining trajectory.

Political interference has made cadres of our technocrats, impairing our true economic fiscal policy.  Our Production and manufacturing sector is weak. Our distribution has improved relatively, with Road Infrastructure development, howbeit, high levels of consumptionism.

Our massaging the exchange rate, is not a sustainable way of managing our economy. We require long term Solutionist thinking, and planning for economic dominance is needed. Only home-grown solutions, are sustainable economically.

With Foreign Direct Investments, FDI, Shopping Malls coming up everywhere in foreign hands, high-levels of Public Debt, and a weak fiscal template or visionary direction, our exchange rate is reflecting the challenges of lack of frugal economic management.

Solutionist thinking will promote innovative templates of macro-economic solutions, through transformative technocrats, who are not caderised.

We need a transformative Small Medium Enterprises, SMEs driven economy by Zambians. Our fiscal policy must be inward-looking, not externally driven. We must be a government for Sovereign Economic Capacity by our own people.

We need a Start-up Nation, driven by SMEs of empowered Citizens. That is what it entails, to create a conducive environment for inclusive economic growth, as agreed in our Republican constitution as our social contract.

Thirdly, Re-crafting our Collective Corporate Mindset for Holistic Development. The destiny of any nation, is dependent on the collective thinking of its people.

Leaders are supposed to be the national catalysts of; the Hope, positive discourse, thinking of the State, governance, institutions of democracy, and ultimately the holistic development of the nation.

When leaders defect from one political party, bankrupt of innovative ideas, and intellectual wisdom, but only pander to; vindictiveness, arrogance of ignorance, regionism, sarcasm, and tribalism,  it is an affront to first world Zambia solutionist thinking.

All the recent by-elections revealed more and more that ideological politics are not a reality. Nothing of substantive solutionist thinking was inspiring about them, by all who participated, except for “populism” discourse and personality sensationalism.

Transformative leadership and innovative Solutionist- thinking, is what we must demand for, from our national leaders for holistic national development.

Fourthly, Re- crafting our Education System to an Advanced National Policy. Our linear implementation of our educational policy has failed us. We must educate for meeting contextual needs of our nation. The Latin word from which the word education derives, is the root etymologically known as ‘eduo’ which means; to draw out.

One is not educated because of how many degrees they have, but the ability to draw out the knowledge, understanding, and wisdom they learnt to solve problems.

This is where education will play a critical role in developing an advanced First World Nation, from Third World status. It is this backward Third World status that we must detest and vehemently reject 55 years almost after independence.

A nation that fails to educate and empower its own human resource, or population, cannot fully develop its potential. We cannot remain a chronic and palliative potential as a nation. We must actualise our potential as nation.

A skilled human resource, or labour force is the key, to sustainable national development. Research, Mathematics, Science, and Technology, will be the drivers of this education agenda and investment.

Fifthly, crafting an Industrialisation Template for Zambia.  There cannot be sustainable smart jobs in a nation that has not prioritised an industrialisation agenda. “Artificial employment” for the Zambia worker and labour force will not be anchored on a Foreign Direct Investment Model, FDI.

Without a proper industrial and domestic-driven manufacturing base, for the export market, only casualization, and cheap jobs will be created. Exploitation of our people has remained the order of the day.

Key sectors, with locally driven; Mining, Mechanised and Diversified Agriculture, Tourism, Wildlife, and Energy, must be fully harnessed. We have no time for backward politics of recycling; ideologically bankrupt politicians, intellectually ignorant zealots, regional politics, strongman politics, and tribal politics, rather than; strong democratic institutions, deception rather than truth, politics without principle, loyalty to party above people, profit politics above people, corruption above shared inclusive benefits. Industrialization is the key to First world Zambia through solutionist thinking.

Conclusively, the transformation of Zambia, will require state-crafting skill of transformative leadership state-craftsmanship. Transactional leaders, and transitional leaders, who are transgressional cannot transform our nation, from Third to First World nation.

This can only be done by; re-crafting the; Civil Service, Macro-economic template and policy for an advanced economy, collective corporate mindset for a dominant development, and industrialisation template for Zambia.

There is no room for the status quo or complacency or mediocrity. Authentic transformation is only tenable, by those who are ready to pay the price of no compromise to conviction, not the conveniences of corrupted men and women.

Will you be part of this solutionist thinking for Zambia’s transformation? We shall continue our discourse next week.

Dr.  Daniel Mvula Shimunza



CONTACTS: 0966/0977-806560.


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