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ZAMBIA risks being plunged into chaos by politicians craving to enter State House by promoting tribalism.

Kabwe Central Member of Parliament Tutwa Ngulube warned yesterday that the tribal politics being perpetuated by some politicians is a danger to the country.

Mr Ngulube said tribal politics, hate speech and violence being perpetrated by some politicians might put Zambians in endanger and erode the country’s peace.

In an interview in Kabwe yesterday, Mr Ngulube, a lawyer by profession, said presently, the political scenario was tainted with insults, character assassination and violence.

He said 90% of what was obtaining in Zambian politics was infighting, violence, gossip and rumor mongering and wondered whether he would want to be part of such an environment.

“As a country we risk scaring away good politicians and putting our people in jeopardy with what is obtaining in politics. Sometimes I ask myself, will I be part of such an environment?”  Mr Ngulube said.

Mr Ngulube explained that during the One Party State, tribalism and hate speech did not exist and was not an issue.

“Zambians for a long time lived under One Party State where it was irrelevant whether you are Tonga or Tumbuka, it was also irrelevant in a lot of spheres of life,” said Mr Ngulube. The Kabwe central law maker said people yearn for a united Zambia where citizen would stand above politics.

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