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TRADTIONAL leaders should reject politicians who will engage in insults ahead of the  2021 general elections because it is a recipe of violence, government has said.

Siavonga District Commissioner Lovemore Kanyama said that traditional leaders should not entertain politicians who want to ruin the peace the country had enjoyed.

Mr Kanyama was speaking when a delegation of House of Chiefs led by the chairperson chief Kaputa paid a courtesy call on him yesterday.

Mr Kanyama said traditional leaders could even ‘cage’ such politicians because they could bring havoc in the nation.

He said it was prudent that politicians engaged in issue based politics which would enhance development in the nation.

“My royal highness I am appealing to you to chase away politicians who will be insulting others instead of talking about what they will do for the Zambians.

“We need peace in this country, we don’t want to be fighting each other. What happens is that when certain politicians start insulting others then others will retaliate which can cause havoc in this nation,” Mr Kanyama said.

And Chief Kaputa said the traditional leaders would take note of the concerns and ensure that peace prevailed in the country.

He said chiefs would continue to ensure that peace was at the centre stage as it was a pre-requisite for the country’s development.

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